Happy July 4th, we the people are 234 years young

I don’t know why, but for some reason on this July 4th, I am remembering 1976. Remember that year when as a nation we celebrated the 200th birthday of our country. It seems so long ago, and sad that the feelings that surrounded our country that year have been forgotten. But, at the same time I think that people are remembering it. Those that are remembering it are those who are the Tea Partyers or like me support those who stand up for the country at Tea Parties.

What comes to mind is the movie The Spirit of ’76. It is a very campy movie that has people from the future land in 1976 to get a copy of the Declaration of Independence because they no longer have a copy of it. I have added the trailer to this film but sadly it really doesn’t portray a lot about the movie. But, it comes to mind today because I fear that we are closer to losing the meaning of the Declaration of Independence than just physically losing it as the plot suggests in this film. I think there is a message in this film that when it was made didn’t really make sense, but I encourage you to rent it to remember what we stood for when we painted mailboxes and proudly dressed in red, white and blue in 1976.

If you want to see some images from how we the people commerated the bicentennial, do an image search using the words bicentennial and 1776. It brings back priceless memories.


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