Why can’t we just realize war has been declared on us…by the democrats?

So, the House is going to be voting soon on the Disclose Act. I thought for about 30 seconds on whether to call Jim Cooper to tel him to vote NO. But, he is going to vote as Nancy Pelosi tells him. He thinks he will be part of the great new world that the Democrats are creating, but sadly I think the people will revolt when they realize what is going on. It is sad that Obamacorn has basically declared war on multiple states. The gulf states with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the Immigration Law in Arizona. It is sad that we have a president and a bunch of representatives that are more concerned about destroying this great country than actually supporting what makes it great – We the people.

I see pictures being posted by liberals on facebook talking about how horrible things are in the gulf states as oil washes up on the beaches. Yet, they seem to be clueless on the parts that Obama is playing in this. He has known since February that the oil rig had problems. The MMS allowed the oil rig to avoid an inspection about a week or so before the explosion occurred. Obama is doing everything to stop ALL deep sea drilling as a response. But, do you hear about Chavez nationalizing American oil rigs as in Venezuela now owns something without compensating company for them? Have you heard about Soros investing in oil rigs in Brazil? Have you heard about the almost 30 offers of help that Obama has either ignored or refused? Have you heard about the sand dreggers that were stopped because of safety issues (making sure they had life vests on board by the coast guard?) Have you heard about the company that had oil booms read to be used but they were refused because they were not good enough to use? Have you heard about the sand berms that finally Jindal decided to have built to try to defend his state, but he was stopped because they might not be good for the environment? Yet, oil spilling out and ruining the land is not an environmental issue?

And, of course, now taxes will have to be increased to pay for all the damage that has occurred.

As a reminder, remember that some of the men that Obama has quietly surrounded himself with are Bill Ayers, Wade Rathke, Van Jones, and George Soros.

Updated to add. Of course, the Democrats passed the Disclose Act with Jim Cooper Voting for it. Also, Bob Etheridge (D – North Carolina) supported the Disclose Act.

But of course, this post from Hot Air says it all Hank Johnson: We need to pass the DISCLOSE Act to stop Republicans from winning elections Check out the link to see the video it has.


2 thoughts on “Why can’t we just realize war has been declared on us…by the democrats?

  1. TXMom says:

    Excellent post, Garnette. Keep up the fight. We’re with ya.

  2. Abel Youd says:

    I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this!

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