Teen gang rape victim found guilty of that crime and goes to prison

Hey Feminists who say that they are for supporting women’s rights all over the world. Where are you? Are you telling me that you support that men will gang rape a teenager and then find her at fault for the crime? How about being a real woman and stand up for women around the world like you spout off that you do? Come on you love to stand up for victims and blame others. Oh, I see, you are standing with the men who gang raped this young woman and pointing the finger at her for causing them to do so. I get it now. (Please stop saying you are feminists and stand for women because you really just are weak women who want men’s approval, which is not what a true feminist stands for.)

From Gateway Pundit

An 18 year-old woman was sentenced to one year in prison for “consensual sex” after she accused 6 men of rape in the United Arab Emirates.


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