Sarah Palin endorses these candidates

Here is a list of the candidates that Sarah Palin is endorsing. At some point, I will add a list of the candidates, in addition to Barbara Boxer, that Obamacorn is endorsing.

I encourage you to check out these candidates if you live in their district. Also, if you want more information on why Sarah is endorsing them, check out her facebook page so has written a note about each one.

Joe Miller for Alaska US Senate

Jan Brewer for Arizona Governor

Dr. Paul Gosar for Arizona 1st Congressional District

Carly Fiorina for California US Senate

Star Parker for California 37th Congressional District

Bob McConnell for Colorado 3rd Congressional District

Karen Handel for Georgia Governor

Todd Tiahrt for Kansas US Senate

Tom Emmer for Minnesota Governor

Kelly Ayotte for New Hampshire US Senate

Susana Martinez for Governor New Mexico

John Gomez for New York 2nd Congressional District

Michael Grimm for New York 13th Congressional District

Ann Marie Buerkle for New York 25th Congressional District

Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor race

Nikki Haley for SC Governor

Tim Scott for South Carolina 1st Congressional District

CeCe Heil for Tennessee 5th Congressional District

Clint Didier for Washington Senate

John Koster for Washington 2nd Congressional District

Cathy McMorris Rodgers Washington 5th Congregssional District


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