As Obama opens borders and cedes land to illegal criminal aliens the victims seem to be forgotten

I have a feeling that this post may bring out some anger in some because I am putting together a list of people who have been victims of crimes of illegal aliens. These are people who break the law by crossing the border of a country and stay in a country without the correct paperwork. Currently it appears that Obamacorn has decided that his policy on immigration is that it is fine to allow criminals to cross the border and remain in the country without the correct paperwork. He has ceded 3500 acres of Arizona to Mexico by refusing to protect the border. He has just put up a sign telling US Citizens to not enter the land. Can you believe a President of the US has decided to give US land to criminals since he doesn’t feel it is necessary to protect our borders and our lands? Can you believe he wants to sue Arizona because they want the federal government to do secure the borders?

While some may think, it is just Arizona and I live in _____. Just remember that Arizona borders are just the entry way for criminals. Many will make their way across the land. Or maybe you figure it is just 3500 acres in a state on the other side of the country so what is the big deal. How would you feel if it was land that was just down the street from you? Do you feel differently if suddenly Obama said, you know, I really don’t see the need for LA to be part of the country anymore, I think I will cede it to Mexico. Or if he said that Seattle might as well be part of Canada since it is so far away from DC. How do you feel now?

This list is a bit dated but I thought it would be a good place to start.
Updated List

Here is a database of crime victims of illegal aliens. It is sad how many are killed by drunk drivers and how many are children who are victims of child molestation.

Victims of Illegal Alien Crime


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