What has Bill Ayers done lately?

I have wondered why I haven’t heard much about Bill Ayers, and then I saw this post. Of course, I have to link to it and quote a bit from it since I think so little of Bill Ayers. My biggest problem with him is that he is a hypocrite and doesn’t even realize it. I would love to see his tax return from last year of how much money he made. Think about it, here is a radical communist who doesn’t turn over all his income to the government so they can figure out how much he should earn each year. Remember that Obamacorn does want to control salaries of others, so why not start with “just a guy in the neighborhood. Also, Bill Ayers would be classified a trust fund baby so he has always had more money than he knew what to do with.

But, what struck me in this post is what Cindy Sheehan said about the differences between the Obamacorn regime and the Bush presidency. It is interesting that Bush allowed her free speech while Obamacorn has tried to stop it. Umm, I thought they were pretty much on the same page and that is why she wasn’t protesting against him. No, it has to do with the restraining order the White House has against her.

From American Thinker WAAH! Nobody Likes Me! – An Evening with Cindy Sheehan and Bill Ayers

Despite being the least focused and least strident of the three speakers, Cindy Sheehan was in many ways the most insightful. In addition to admitting that her speech was freer under Bush (under Bush, she never spent a night or more than eight hours in jail and never had a restraining order issued against her; under Obama, she was once jailed for 52 hours, and the White House has a restraining order against her), she also questioned why under Obama, the antiwar movement doesn’t seem as important or interesting. In my favorite analogy of the night, she said she felt like the Maytag Repairman of activists. Without actually answering these questions or even expressing a curiosity about this apparent irony, she was able to at least posit that the antiwar movement, when it was popular, was really an anti-Bush movement and that without Bush, no one seems interested in protesting progressive issues.


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