Livable wages, what is your opinion?

I have spoken out against this before, maybe just not on my blog. I am against the idea of people being paid in what many liberals call living wage. It is the idea that they are paid not based on skills or experience but on the minimum wage they need to earn for shelter. I know it sounds harsh that I am against this, but I just don’t agree that wages should be based on this rather than let the market decide the wages. So, Nashville is about to vote to raise the amount paid to 14 employees not on the fact that the quality of work they have done have earned a wage increase but the idea that the city is about to decide that they need to earn more money in order to pay their bills.

From the Tennessean

As I have said before, the other reason why I am against it is that it reminds me of a time when men were paid more than women. The reason given that men should be paid more than women is that they had a family to support while women did not. So, once again we are at a point where rather than let the market decide wages, it is beginning to be artificially done by using the belief that there should be a livable wage.

One other point, I have always wondered if there have been studies to show the impact the raise of a minimum wage has on the market at that wage level or at other wage levels. In other words, if the wage is raised for the lowest wage earners does this lead to wages being raised for others or does it have a negative impact on the market in that workers who earn higher wages tend to be laid off.


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