Congressman at work assaulting and battering one of his constituents

Who are you? asks Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-N.C.) to a college student who asks him a question. It doesn’t stop there, he grabs the guy, which at the point he laid a hand on the college student it became battery. Here is the link to Wikipedia for a quick explanation of the difference between assault and battery.

He did vote yes on Obamacare so asking if he supports Obama to me is a far question, which rather than answering, he attacks a college student. Maybe we need to be asking Who are you to Bob Etheridge.

He apologizes. Reminds me of how in most domestic violence cases, the abuser will apologize as a way to put the person they abused on the defensive so that they can continue to have power over that person.

From Gateway Pundit

Isn’t it interesting that a Democrat demanded that a college student identify himself because “it was the law” when the Democrats are saying that the Arizona Immigration Law that asks the same thing is wrong.


2 thoughts on “Congressman at work assaulting and battering one of his constituents

  1. Geoff says:

    Wow that is just beyond words. I wish I had seen this earlier I would have checked into adding him to my target list. Might have to do a special exception cause this guy clearly needs to go!

  2. garnette says:

    I was only going to focus on one race this year – Jim Cooper (D) Tennessee, but I am adding him. His behavior is inexcusable because all he needed to do was to keep walking past them rather than grabbing the guy several different times.

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