What has Obama done to resolve the oil spill crisis? Nothing!

Hey Obama supporters, especially those who voted for him because he was going to be better than the evil Republicans when it comes to the economy. Read this article and let me know if you still support him and why. It seems like he has intentionally let the oil spill worsen in the gulf. Three days after the explosion, the Dutch government offered to help, but Obama refused their help. What day are we on now, almost day 60?

But, he has been too busy entertaining the Hollywood elite to bother dealing with the oil in the gulf. In fact, 4 weeks ago, about day 30 of the crisis, Packgen informed the government that they had miles of oil containment boom in their warehouses. The government refused to buy it. Yep, about a month ago they could have bought a product that would have helped to preserve some of the environment in the gulf, but the government refused to buy it. They refused to do something that may have had a positive impact on a horrible tragedy!!!! So, once again, why are you still supporting Obama????
From Gateway Pundit

He may not care about the red states around the gulf, but it is sad that he has let the oil spill destroy nature and kill animals like this bird. The news article is about whether they should try to clean the birds or euthanize them. Well, I guess I am not surprised that Obamacorn doesn’t care about the animals. Remember, he is a man who voted several times against providing care to abortions victims who were born alive. Would you like to explain to your children why this bird looks the way it does and that it may die because of the lack of action on the part of the President?

From Foreign Policy

Updated to add this follow up from Jake Tapper about why the boom is not being used. To me, it would seem that trying to use this boom in areas that are worse hit by oil would be better than not using anything. But, I guess letting the animals die and the wetlands destroyed is better than using a product that 100% perfect. I’m still waiting for an explanation of why liberals are still supporting Obamacorn after this incident.


2 thoughts on “What has Obama done to resolve the oil spill crisis? Nothing!

  1. Cheyenne says:

    This is stupid…

  2. garnette says:

    Please let me know how you think it is stupid. You may also want to check out my most recent post, which includes all that has not been done to stop the oil from coming up on shore in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. You know things like stopping Jindal from building sand berms because they might hurt the environment. Please let me know what Obama and his team has done to stop the oil from hurting the environment of several states, which will impact the entire country if it continues.

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