Another state considers immigration law

Here is a question for those against immigration laws. If you have a job or ever had a job, did you have to fill out paper work and show proof that you were a citizen of this country or in the country legally so that you could be hired? Yep, you had to show several forms of ID in order to be able to earn a living. So, why do people consider it racial profiling, if someone who is arrested must show that he or she is in this country legally? Maybe the answer is easy but kind of expense…all that are arrested are run through the database to prove citizenship. I would say that if they showed the same ids that are required for a job they would not need to have their name run through the database, but sadly it is so easy to get phony papers that I have joked in the past while searching for my social security card, which I signed when I was 8 years old that it was easier for illegals to get papers than it was for me to find all the ids I needed.

Tennessee considers new immigration law

The sponsors of a bill that would require Tennessee jailers to determine whether inmates are illegally in the country and report them say it’s an easy way to fight illegal immigration in the state.


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