Simple question for those who support Obama

How can you say you support the troops when you support a man who only has contempt for the military?

This isn’t about whether or not he salutes the flag, it is about where he may put a wreath to honor those who died for the country, it is about his demeanor in which he shows more respect to leaders who hate this country and those who would like to destroy our country than he does to the leaders and citizens of this country. He has no respect for the troops that provided him with the freedom to succeed in this country to the point of being elected President. But, yet, those who support him still say that they support the troops when he doesn’t.

Also, remember this nice little tidbit about Mememechelle Obama…what has she done to work with military families. What a great day for her to do something to show that she is doing this.

From the Telegraph

Updated to add
As I went through my bookmarks of blogs I read daily, I read this post which put tears in my eyes. While it wasn’t what brought the question to mind, it says what is in my heart. From The Black Sphere – Obama’s Tribute on Memorial Day


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