More thoughts on Sestak bribe

I don’t know why but each time I read another post about the White House attempted bribe of Sestak, I keep feeling like there really isn’t being hidden about this story at this time. The pieces are all out there and it is just the way the pieces are put together that tell the story. The thing is that the White House thought the pieces would be put together in a way to make Obama look innocent, and unfortunately for them (and fortunately for the country) the way the pieces fell told the right story.

As much as it looks like Bill Clinton has been put in the position to take the heat off of Obama, which is what the White House plan has been, it actually isn’t working. Here is where I am having trouble making the pieces go together the way the White House would like. Both, Rahm and Sestak worked in the Clinton White House and have close relationships with Bill Clinton. Thus, if they worked together, they know each other as well. Why if they know each other go to a 3rd party to offer a position when that 3rd party did not have the authority to be able to hire Sestak?

Wow, I feel like this story is becoming about a group of middle school girls. One girl asks her friend to go ask cute guy if he likes her. When cute guy tells his buddies that the girl likes him, she says that she only did so he wouldn’t go out with head cheerleader and there is nothing wrong with that. Friend really doesn’t care about the whole situation and hoped by saying that she talked to guy for her friend that the story would go away. See, just replace the scenerio with the names, Obama, Rahm, Clinton, Sestak, and Specter and the story fits the same way it does in middle school. Why does a middle school girl ask her friend to find out if the guy likes her is to put the idea in the guy’s head that she likes him, which is the first step for the girls. Just like Rahm was doing with Clinton, it was only the first step. They have just admitted to the first step of the whole thing

What were the next steps taken by the White House that are not being talked about? We can see the pieces and how they fit together. The way that Sestak is covering for the White House reminds me of the way Bill Clinton has been operating since Hillary stepped out of the race. He says exactly what the Democrats wants him to say but he does so in a way that doesn’t really give the words the power the Democrats expect or will follow it with a statement that negates what he just said. Sestak read the statement with such body language that there is no doubt he is lying. In doing so, he is saying, yep, this is what the Democrats expect me to say but do not give my words any meaning because the total opposite of what I am saying is true.


3 thoughts on “More thoughts on Sestak bribe

  1. TXMom says:

    How large is this middle school, anyway?

    Charles Krauthammer analyzes the White House statement on Sestak. According to the WH statement, they also committed a felony with Romanoff of Colorado.

  2. Geoff says:

    That almost sounds like an SNL skit if this wasn’t so serious. So much for the most ethical administration ever, like any of us ever believed that.

  3. garnette says:

    It is sad that they are trying CTA when this is a serious issue. At least their failure to do so is what is making the news. I guess because they don’t study history they don’t realize that it isn’t the action that can lead to impeachment but the actions to cover it up.

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