Brewer takes another stand to defend her state against Obama

As I read this post on Hot Air – AZ governor suspends Dem AG from immigration-law defense, I found it interesting that the AG is expected to run against her in November. Also, as I recall she is doing very well in the polls because she has the support of the majority of the residents of Arizona regarding the Immigration Law. All that said, I noticed that part of what made her fire the AG from defending the law was his actions. Considering where she stands in the polls and where it appears the AG stands on the Immigration Law, could it be that he was wondering what else could be in the works for him since one of the other big news stories is about an offer made to Sestak to drop out of a race and he sees that it will be an uphill battle for him in November.

The Arizona immigration-enforcement bill has created a national debate, but it may pale in comparison to the infighting in Arizona. The Attorney General expected to defend the law is a Democrat expected to run against Governor Jan Brewer in November, and Terry Goddard’s meeting this week with Eric Holder was apparently the final straw for Brewer. She took advantage of a clause in SB1070 and hired outside counsel to represent Arizona in the case and suspended Goddard from it….It’s hard to imagine how Goddard thinks he can benefit from opposing the law or aligning himself so closely with Holder, an outspoken critic of the law. Arizonans overwhelmingly support the law, and they’re not likely to be budged by Holder’s scolding. Arizona voters will also wonder why Goddard is spending his time fighting Arizona rather than getting better cooperation from the Obama administration on immigration enforcement and border security.

Also, why do the democrats seem to have taken a stance that their jobs are to fight the taxpayers (who pay their salaries) rather than other countries or the illegal aliens in this country.


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