Just because the White House admits wrongdoing, don’t sweep it under the carpet

As I read these headlines, I realized that Obamacorn’s team is trying to pass this off as normal operating procedures, so that it will disappear. This was done with issues during the 2008 election. Just because they act like this is something that doesn’t amount to anything, doesn’t mean that it should just be swept under the carpet. Why did anyone connected to the White House have anything to do with who ran in Pennsylvania. As I posted the other day, was this part of the promise made to Specter when he turned Democrat – he would not have to worry about winning the primary because no one would run against him. It doesn’t matter if the job was paid or unpaid, they asked him to leave the race with the promise of something in return!!!!! They are breaking the law!!!! And, they are acting like it is something to ignore now that they have admitted to doing this!!!

From the National Review

I knew I had read that someone had promised Specter he would run unopposed. It came from Pennsylvania’s Governor Rendell – from Super Majority Notice the date on the post – April 28, 2009.

Asked if Specter could win a Dem primary, Rendell said: “He’d be unopposed. The Democrats in the Senate would welcome him. We in Pennsylvania would welcome him. He’d be basically unopposed for the Democratic nomination.”

Also, unless Sestak comes clean about the whole deal, he is basically covering up for them. This needs to be remembered come November!

I found this post by Lame Cherry that says that the Clinton’s are involved in order to bring Obamacorn down so that Hillary can be in line for the VP or to become the Prez. I don’t know if I agree with that line of thinking. However, as I read this post, I wondered if by putting Bill in line to be the one who offered the bribe, if he will turn around and point the finger at them in how they are “forced” him to lie in order to cover up the felony. One thing he learned as Prez is how the choice of one word can lead to an impeachment.

Update again
In addition to offering him a part time, unpaid job they offered him a job that he wasn’t even eligible for. Yep, we are supposed to believe that they offered him a job he could not even accept as a sitting Congressman in return for him stepping aside and not running against Specter. You know, I would believe someone selling me ocean front property in Arizona more than I would believe the lies they are telling! (Because some time in the future the property in Arizona could be ocean front if an earthquake destroys California.)


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