Obama picks another “winner” nominee this time for the 2nd Court of Appeals

The first thought I had when I read this post at Ace of Spades , I remembered that crimes against women are not considered hate crimes. While rape is a violent crime that is based on wanting power over women (or any victim) it is not considered a hate crime. Read what this judge thinks. He believes that it is a form of sexual sadism and thus the criminal is not responsible for his actions. Where are the “feminists” to call out Obama on this??? Oh, now I remember he supports abortion so he is OK in their book on every other issue that affects women.

But, you know, we can’t even convict him; because he wanted to rape and strangle women to death proves he suffered from sexual sadism syndrome (or whatever) and therefore he’s innocent. Must be — if you have a desire to do this therefore you’re too sick to punish therefore, effectively, it’s not against the law to strange and rape eight women to death.


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