Yep, Obama’s White House is truly transparent, yeah right

Someone needs to explain to Obamacorn and his team that while they were campaigning they used the word transparency to describe how the White House would operate they don’t seem to know the true definition of the word. It appears that they picked an antonym of the words that do describe how they operate rather than a synomyn. Just so they will know an antonym is a word that is opposite not similar to another word. For future reference they need to remember that transparency is a antonym of the words crooked and corrupt, it is not a synonym. Oops.

From Michelle Malkin Tapping ever so gently on the White House/Sestak stonewall

As she points out, she has been reporting on this scandal since February. I thought it sounded familiar to me. I guess the part of the deal that isn’t being talked about is what they promised Specter when he decided he would rather be a Democrat rather than a Republican. I guess it was that no other Democrat would stand in his way to win the primary. I seem to recall that Specter even made a comment or two about his shock that he would be forced to defend his seat since he was now a Democrat. I guess that is just another broken promise for one of the members of the Team Triple Zero (Obama, Obama & Oprah from their success with the Olympics.)


One thought on “Yep, Obama’s White House is truly transparent, yeah right

  1. Paul DF says:

    The only silver lining here is the painful lesson that the American people are learning throughout this debacle. This is what happens when liberals are put in positions of power. Learn well, my fellow voters, because if THIS administration hasn’t taught you the truth about Progressive failure, then we are doomed as a nation.

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