Democrats celebrate the victory of Critz (D) who ran on Republican values?

I didn’t pay too much attention to the election held in Pennsylvania to fill Murtha’s seat (well, the people’s seat temporarily used by Murtha) until I read this short and sweet post by Texas Darlin. In the post, it points out that a race in which the Democrats are celebrating a win was won by a man who ran on an anti-Obama platform. Great point!

What really got me was when I noticed on the screen shot posted on the post that pointed out where he stood on supporting the values of his state. I hope that he is able to continue to stand on these principles that he ran on when he enters the house and votes that way and not the way of Pelosi. So, here is to hoping that all the celebrating going on by the democrats is short lived.


2 thoughts on “Democrats celebrate the victory of Critz (D) who ran on Republican values?

  1. Geoff says:

    Here’s hoping but don’t hold your breath. He received a load of union support and they would not support a conservative. He ran as one which should tell us something. He is NOT one though.

  2. garnette says:

    Texas Darlin also pointed out the district was 2:1 for Democrats so it would be one that would almost be impossible for a Republican to win, of course, we have seen that done in the past few months so anything is possible. It surprised me that he ran on such a conservative platform in an area that is so heavily democrat. Here’s hoping he shows his true colors fast so that the voters will know the truth about him in November.

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