Jim Cooper wonders whether Nashville flood was manmade

So, what is your take on this article? Is Jim Cooper grandstanding for upcoming elections in November 2010 or is he concerned about his constituents. I can’t decide, but I do notice that he made these points after Senator Alexander made his comments on the Senate floor.

With plenty of questions still unanswered two weeks after Nashville’s historic flood, U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper on Monday said he supports U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander’s call for an investigation to examine crucial decisions leading up to the disaster.

What comes to my mind is that this is that for a guy who raises some interesting questions, he believes in bigger government control in our lives. How can he support bigger government when as he points out here, they can’t even handle the responsibility they have now? Why hasn’t he been concerned with what is needed by this area in his many years as the representative in DC? Now, he is concerned when he needs to put on the concerned face. Of course, that is normal operating procedures for many in DC.

Also, note that he blames the weather forecasters for not better predicting the weather. Umm, I guess he forgets that it is the only profession where you can be wrong most of the time and still keep your job.


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