He really doesn’t have a clue does he?

Earlier today I saw these two headlines together. My first thought was that he really doesn’t get it, does he???

Voters back anti-DC, anti-establishment candidates

Obama ups criticism of Ariz. immigration law

Maybe this is another headline that will give him a clue. Democrats weigh value of an Obama endorsement

President Barack Obama may end up playing a rather hands-off role in this fall’s elections, a surprising turn for a political phenomenon who excited millions of voters just two years ago.

How long has it been and already the Democrats are weighing whether he will be able to use his greatest skill – campaigning – come fall? Wow, if he can’t campaign what else will he do to fill the hours in the White House? Rhetorical question because we know he will be on the courts or the links or maybe taking his wife on a date or two.


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