My thoughts on the Historic Flooding of Nashville

Finally came out of my hole and began to see what the media has said about the Nashville flood. Gateway Pundit has two great blogs about it (Thank you.) I will say that it is great that Anderson Cooper made a trip to Nashville to report on it. However, it appears to me that only because Kenny Chesney’s Nashville home was flooded did the story reach his attention. During the interview I saw on CNN, it seemed to me that his response that there were more important stories out there and they couldn’t focus on more than 1 or 2 stories. But, once Kenny called him out on it, he said that he would be in Nashville the next day. I caught the end of his show from Nashville. He showed how the community has answered the call to volunteer and help neighbors. People were showing up and being sent to homes to rip out carpets, wood floors and walls so that the home owners can quickly get their lives back on track. To me, he seemed a bit amazed that people were stepping up to take care of things and not waiting for the government to come in and fix everything. It should be noted that people got their boats out to get people out of the flood areas along side the amazing public safety people.

To focus on the recovery, this quick video shows how much has been done to clean out some of the homes.
There is still a lot to be done and thanks to thousands of volunteers it will be done.

In reading comments on blogs, it sounds like most of the media has focused on the flooding of the downtown area. The downtown area flooded about a day after the rest of Nashville was already flooded. Most people who lived on the other rivers in Nashville had minutes to prepare to leave their homes, if they were able to leave their homes. I have heard of people who have lost their cars because the waters came up so quickly that they could not get to their cars. In other words, there was more time to prepare the downtown area for the expected flooding. So, as badly as the downtown was flooded, I hate to think how badly it could have been flooded. Great post from Urban Grounds that includes a video that shows the entire area.

Finally, Janet Napolitano visited Nashville today. As I watched the press conference I was struck by what a horrible public speaker she is. How did she get elected as governor???? (Yes, I do know she is now part of the Obamacorn administration, but she had to get to a high up political position to be owed something to get it.) On top of that, she had to read her notes to give out information of how to get in touch with FEMA. You know, the FEMA 1-800 number and their website. She then held up her notebook showing a page that had three lines written on it, the phone number and two websites. Yep, she had to have notes to direct people to her own website. Gives you a lot of confidence at how well the government is going to come in and fix things (well, the things left to be fixed.) She also seemed to be shocked at how quickly and efficiently people had risen to the occasion to repair their homes and move forward with their lives, all with very little federal assistance.

Updated to add:

During the night it dawned on me how many churches and other non profits are stepping up to help in flood relief. For a long time I have said, maybe not in a blog post, that churches have begun to focus their relief needs overseas because the government has taken over what used to be the churches’ outreach missions. In Nashville, the churches were the first on hand, opening up shelters (coordinating with the local governments and the Red Cross) before it even seemed like there would be a need for shelters. I think this is part of the shock going on with liberals, in seeing that people and organizations don’t need to wait around for the government to come save them. Also, as they were figuring ways to get supplies to those who were trapped in flooded areas but on dry land, those in the flooded areas were finding ways out of the flooded areas to head to the grocery stores for supplies as they had no idea when the waters would recede enough for them to be able to resume their normal lives or to be able to check out their homes that had been flooded and begin recovery.

I want to make sure that I don’t take credit away from the firemen and policemen that were putting in 24 hour days to rescue and help people. They were lifelines to many people and deserve a huge thank you from the people of Nashville.


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