Random thoughts

Things that are on my mind from reading blogs and listening to the news.

The first is that I just finished reading the book The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman. It is about a woman and her family’s life in Warsaw during WWII. I have studied this time period most of my life, but I have never studied what went on in Poland. I was shocked by how Hitler responded to the uprisings. He told his officers to go into the area and kill everyone. At some point as I read the horrors the people faced, I remembered Democrats’ comments comparing those against Obamacare (not against health care reform) as to those in the Holocaust. It struck me that he doesn’t seem to realize that the people who were doing the wrong during the Holocaust were not the people of the countries but the government at the time. Is this an example of once again the Democrats taking their thoughts about themselves and putting it on the Republicans???

Then, I heard Obamacorn’s comment that he thinks some people earn too much money. Immediately, scenes from books and short stories from 20th century Russian Literature came to mind. The ones where a person would be jealous that another family had more rooms in a house. What would they do? They would report them for frivolous reasons hoping that they would be arrested. In the story, the people would just disappear and suddenly the person who reported them would be able to move into their rooms. After the Russian Revolution, large homes had been taken by the government. They turned these homes into apartments. A family might be given a couple of rooms in the house as their new home. However, as equal as they acted as it was, there was never equality of how much space a family might receive. It was all about what was available when and who you were. You may have had 3 generations sharing 2 rooms.

From Hot Air

Finally, it is really striking me that as much as the liberals have found fault with those who are protesting against Obama and tax increases, when Arizona passed the Immigration Law, suddenly it is acceptable for people to protest against the law. WHAT A DOUBLE STANDARD!!!!! Can’t you see that you have one standard for those you agree with and another standard for those who you disagree with. What is really sad is that you won’t educate yourself on the other side to understand that perhaps, just perhaps, the other side might be correct in what they are saying. Instead, you decide to tear the other side down so that by shear force your point of view is seen as correct. (Not saying your point is correct, just that you want it seen as correct.)


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Geoff says:

    Wow Garnette talk about being on the same page. I have a customer who was part of the Warsaw uprising. I want to interview her for a blog article, it’s just a time issue for me right now. We have got to study and learn from history. What better way than from those who experienced it.

  2. garnette says:

    I’ve had internet issues for the past week, sorry for the delay in responding. Before you interview her, I would suggest at least scanning some of the chapters of the book to have an idea of the political climate at the time. Some of the chapters are about her life while others give big picture explanations about the time. One weird thing I learned in the book is that the Nazis were fascinated with the idea of being able to create prehistoric creatures by breeding stock that were similar to the prehistoric creatures.

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