Hmm, maybe the Tea Party folk weren’t that wrong about Obamacare

Wow, who would believe it? You know that those of us who are tea partiers actually were correct when we told everyone that Obamacare would cause healthcare costs to increase. But, those who are in power and wanted to shove the bill through, told us we didn’t know what we were talking about. They tried to make corporations look bad for following SEC rules and reporting losses due to Obamacare in the quarter they realized the impact it would have on their corporations. But, when too many came forward, the democrats got strangely quiet. (I had wondered why it wasn’t in the news anymore.)

So, here are a couple of links about how the DEMOCRATS hid reports that were available a week before the vote in order not to influence the vote. Yep, the MOST transparent presidency ever HID reports that showed the impact that Obamacare will have on us – and also hid that what Republicans were saying about the bill was CORRECT!!!!!! If these reports show the financial impact on our economy, what else in the bill will come out?????

From Gateway Pundit

From Urban Grounds


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