Wow, so FDR’s New Deal wasn’t all that

Or should I say that back in the day his New Deal and a dime would have bought you a cup of coffee. (Coffee was really cheap back in the day and you couldn’t get a Venti Hazelnut Latte with whip.)

When I read this post at Gateway Pundit about the depression. Confirmed: Roosevelt Ended the Great Depression… When He Died

Historians now agree that Franklin Roosevelt ended the Great Depression… When he died.
It wasn’t until this four term president was dead and gone did Congress have the guts to discard his disastrous Big Government solution to the economic crisis facing America. It was only after he died that the US economy started to recover.

It reminded me of this post I had written about a year ago. You gotta analyze history and not just take it at others’ word to really understand it. So, now it is being said that FDR’s great New Deal didn’t help this country.


2 thoughts on “Wow, so FDR’s New Deal wasn’t all that

  1. Geoff says:

    Garnette, you know me as doubledown from the mostly4us gang. Just wanted to let you know I finally got my blog up and running, thank you so much for your suggestions. If you ever want to stop by ask freedom for the name (I think it’s tacky to mention my blog on your site). As for your post government always causes more problems than they solve.

  2. garnette says:

    I added your blog to my list of blogs I visit on this blog and my list on my computer. I really like your posts, because you use history to give us a way to look at our future. Thanks for stopping by. (Luckily, you put your blog address with your comment so I got it from behind the scenes.) I tend to not to like to mention my blog when I post elsewhere. But, I will give you a plug in this comment.

    I highly recommend that for those who like to read conservative blogs should check out this cool new blog –

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