In the aftermath of the Healthcare Reform bill

Healthcare passed. I’m sure that Card check, Cap and Trade and Amnesty for illegals will follow. There is a question being asked by conservatives. It is how can the democrats force through these bills when they know that they risk losing their seats in November. While I think some are a bit dense and figure that they will be able to campaign and win their seats while some are in such liberal districts they will win them back. But, here is my opinion, I think those who are sure of their seats expect for the Republicans to gain control of Congress. In fact, I think they want the Republicans to win back Congress. Why, you ask? So that all the problems and the running of the programs fall on the Republicans. They don’t want to do the work, so they will let the Republicans do so. If you look at the dates that are in all these bills, it is 2013 or in other words after Obamacorn’s first term ends. What a better way than to force their will on the people and then have the Republicans clean up their mess. The taxes that are in Obamacare won’t start hitting people until 2011. So, people that haven’t really been paying attention will suddenly think that the Republicans caused the taxes. On top of that they will have to put the pieces in place to fix healthcare. By this time, the illegals will have voting rights and districts redrawn from the 2010 Census. Thus, they will be able to regain power and blame everything that has gone wrong on the Republicans. Isn’t this what they did with Vietnam. They never mention that the Democrats (Kennedy and Johnson) escalated the problem, just point out that the Republicans want to have another Vietnam, which implies that the Republicans were to blame. But, it was Nixon who got us out of Vietnam the best way he could considering that public opinion was against it.


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