Voting on healthcare

Today it is a Sunday and our Congresspeople are busy at work. I can’t remember a time I heard them work this hard. Of course, it is so they can pass the Obamacare bill. I am against the bill. I think it will create more harm and actually hurt people more than it will fix the problems we have. I have paid attention to the changes in healthcare since the early 90s. I have watched as more and more restrictions have been put on us by the insurance companies and more and more class action lawsuits due to adverse reactions to drugs. But, these are not issues that are addressed in the Obamacare bill. However, I do think that while more restrictions will be put on us, we will see less problems with drug reactions. I say this because no one really says anything about the impact the bill will have on the number of doctors that will leave the field while more people will be able to receive care. (As a side note, remember that no one who does not have insurance is turned away, they just have to pay out of pocket rather than have a 3rd party provide payment.) But, what will drug companies do when they do not get the R&D to create new drugs or the public option limits the amount they will pay for “experimental” drugs.

But, all that is not my point today. As upset as I am that the Democrats are forcing through a bill that very clearly their constituents do not want, at the same time I am kind of relieved it will most likely pass. As I mentally do a SWOT analysis, I realize that this issue is not going away until it is passed. If it isn’t passed today, I am sure it would be presented again in a few days or weeks to once again go through this whole process. By it being passed, it becomes a different issue that can be fought easier than it can by remaining in Congress’ hands. I am hearing that tomorrow morning there will be lawsuits filed against it, bills are being passed in states and people who have always voted Democrat because that is what their Daddy did, are standing up against the Democrats. We are at a point where we have to let things get bad before we can take back control and fix everything that the Socialists (Democrats) have done to this great country to fix it into what they want it to be – and what very few in this country want. As I wrote that it reminded me of a situation where you watch someone’s life spiral out of control. You can do nothing about it because they won’t admit that they have a problem. Instead, you have to wait for them to hit bottom and then stand by them as they take the steps to rectify their life and climb out the bottom of the pit. In the long run, it might take a while but their life is a lot better than it was as they spiraled out of control. This is what is going on in DC right now. Except, we are standing by our country while the Democrats spiral it out of country and wait until they hit the bottom of the pit so we can stand by our country and make it a great country once again.

As upset as conservatives and moderates have been regarding Obamacare, the ones who will scream the loudest when they realize that their precious freedoms have been taken away and their free ride, will be the liberals and those who voted for Obamacorn.


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