A third challenge is given to Obama, can he accept the challenge?

Scott Brown has challenged Obamacorn to a game of basketball to benefit Haiti. While Brown’s aides say that it is just in the idea stage, it has me wondering if the Photo Op President would accept the challenge, especially since it would be a benefit for Haiti. If he he does, he has a chance to hit a home run with PR, but if he does not then he will definitely strike out because it would be the 3rd challenge he has not responded to or refused to do. The first was after his insult to the Special Olympics. He was challenged to a bowling match. Then, when he finally allowed a woman to play golf with him, he was challenged by a woman to play basketball. Now, he is challenged to play basketball by Scott Brown and his daughter.

Challenge 1 – Bowling
Challenge 2 – Basketball
Challenge 3 – Basketball

If he can’t accept a challenge to a game of basketball or to bowl, then how can he stand up to those who threaten our country. Has he even responded to these challenges? What is he afraid of when he can’t even take the time out for PR after his asisine comments about the Special Olympics? What a great PR moment for him to accept Brown’s challenge and benefit Haiti as well. It would also help put more action behind MeMeMechelle’s commercial asking for funds for Haiti. Since likes to make sure to show what he is doing, why isn’t he accepting these challenges?


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