What they say and what they really mean

All this talk about Harry Reid’s comments about Obama being “a light skinned” and “no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one” man who could be elected president. Got me thinking about some things I heard in 2008 about the election. It was the shock that we, conservatives, have a code to be able to say things without anyone knowing what we really are saying, wink wink. For instance, when we talk about states rights, it really means that we are racists that do not support equality for blacks. I was shocked when I heard that one because I thought states rights meant upholding the 10th amendment. In reality, they use the term code language to mean that I want to think or say that what you said is politically incorrect, when there is no basis for it so I am going to say that it is code language so I can find fault with what you said.

But, then I heard something interesting, the left is actually the ones that use a code in conversations to let others know where they really stand. For instance, the use of progressives is really a way for them to say that they are socialists or communists. When they talk about a livable wage they mean that a person earns enough not based on education, skills and experience, but how much they need to earn to be able to support their family. When I hear that idea, I remember that back in the 50s and 60s, men earned more than women because they had families to support. I guess if it means that a person gets paid more for having a larger family it is okay.

In trying to get more examples of liberal speak (code language) I found this great site that gives the terms with the meanings in english. It is interesting to me that although this post started being about the code language the conservatives use, I couldn’t find a site that explains it. Then, I realized where I could find the code language that conservatives use, which is actually over 200 years old. Yes, we are basing our language on what was used when our country was founded – the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights!

Translation table liberal to English
Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and later Amendments


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