Are voters going to let the Democrats say their votes don’t matter?

If I lived in Massachusetts and I read this I would be very, very mad. Basically, a man appointed to be my representative is telling me that my vote doesn’t matter. If the Democrats don’t win the election, and they need the vote for Obamacare, then they are going to wait to swear in the Republican. Okay, this probably happens more than we realize. However, here is the kicker for the voters in Massachusetts. They have a healthcare system for everyone. They don’t know what will happen if Obamacare passes. It could end up that they will be able to opt out of the federal system…except their taxes will still go to pay for healthcare in all the other states. Or it could be that their system goes away. So, if they are voting for Brown because of healthcare, they are being told that it doesn’t matter, the democrats are going to make sure that it doesn’t matter what they do. HOWEVER, their votes still matter because they need to let the democrats know that they will not quietly let them disenfranchise them. Yep, that is exactly what they are doing if they do not immediately swear in whoever is elected on January 19th so that person can vote on Obamacare.

Here is the article from Boston Herald
Here is Brown’s response in the Boston Globe


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