Coakley’s actions seem to say that her vacation more important than her state

As the special election to fill the Senate seat in Massachusetts draws closer, I have noticed that there is one big difference between the two candidates. It is whether or not they really want to get close to the voters close to the election. It says a lot to me about their actions before their election as to how they will interact with their constituents (employers) after the election. If they avoid the voters before the election how will they respond to the constituents when they are in office. Well, Coakley has managed to go on a long vacation prior to the election and not make any statements about the terrorist attack on Christmas. I would think that this would be an important issue to Bostonians since they were affected by 9/11. In fact, Coakley didn’t even have time to respond to a WSJ reporter. I guess she just doesn’t view the voters that important. Oh, and where has Scott Brown been? He was in front of Fenway Park greeting voters at the Winter Classic. Not only is he spending time campaigning, he is doing it in frigid temperatures!!!! What a man whose actions are speaking as loud as his words.

From Gateway Pundit Coakley goes on Vacation

From WSJ Chasing Martha

I say that if she won’t stand for voters before the election her actions show that she won’t stand for her constituents after and will put party before her state.

Here is Scott Brown campaigning at the Winter Classic!!!!!


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