China says, Obama says, sounds like a game of simon says

I feel like this is a joke, as in a man walks in a bar and…. Unfortunately, it is our economy, our money and our future that is the punchlines of these articles. Isn’t it interesting that one day China says “there isn’t enough money in the world to buy the US treasuries” and the next day Obamacorn says “we must not keep spending like this in monopoly money”. Hmmm, so who seems to understand our economy better? I know that I am not spending my money like it is monopoly money, so I wonder who is. I don’t think people are buying Christmas presents like they are using monopoly money. Dare I admit I am giving books I bought at a used bookstore as gifts this year? Yep, that says a lot about how I am spending my money this year. So,

China Says
Obamacorn says

So, in my mind with the healthcare bill being our Christmas presents this year. Isn’t it nice how much of OUR money went to buy the Senators votes? I began to think that we need to look at China’s healthcare plans to see what is in store for us. I have said for a while that I think that Obamacorn and his buddies are using China as a plan for what they want this country to become. As a reference I suggest reading Bill Ayers Prairie Fire to see where this all began. He introduced these ideas to Obamacorn, and they are now becoming the basis of this country.

Sad isn’t it that the washed up hippies of the 60s that couldn’t adjust to society are now running our society?


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