Chris Matthews calls our soldiers the enemy camp for Obama

It may be a strange context, but Chris Matthews called West Point Academy the enemy camp. Yep, the men and women who are dedicating their lives to protect our freedom now are considered the enemy by a newscaster on MSNBC. So, I am doing what I did for CBS when David Letterman made his comments. I’m going to block the channels on my television so they will not be viewed in my house. It means that I won’t watch the final episodes of Top Chef, which I have watched faithfully this season. If NBC supports the idea that soldiers that keep us safe are the enemy than I can’t support them.

From Newsbusters


One thought on “Chris Matthews calls our soldiers the enemy camp for Obama

  1. Vixen says:

    I was more than dismayed when I caught a clip of Matthews saying that while watching Fox’s recap of the President’s speech. To sit there an call our West Point cadets the ‘enemy camp’ was inexcusable, and he owes them profound apology. These are some of America’s best military minds, and he likens them to enemies. Even allowing for commentary leeway, that remark was way over the line, and if I was his superior, I would have him by the back of the nick on Hardball tonight apologizing for his lack of respect for the nation’s best. These cadets will deploy to Afghanistan, and he calls them the enemy camp. Way to go, Chris…did Olbermann get you to say that?

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