used our tax dollars to report really bad data

I really like this post by Hot Air. It is exactly what I have been thinking since I heard about all the errors in reporting how OUR tax dollars are being used to stimulate the economy. I know people might just say that it is data entry errors, which may be true. But, when a system is designed and tested, kinks that cause simple data entry errors need to be corrected. A simple drop down list that allows only certain information to be entered, would have gotten rid of the errors of wrong districts. As Hot Air says:

Issa should give Devaney a break. The problem isn’t Devaney, or at least not entirely his. Devaney should get the heave-ho after the database errors that discovered, for example. The failure to set up an $18 million database to restrict for proper Congressional district data is inexplicable. It’s the kind of error that people using a $200 copy of Microsoft Access would have easily avoided.

Yep, not even being a computer scientist I can figure out how to do it in Access. Besides, there is also the step where the data is cleaned up before it is reported. Making sure that the correct information is in the right fields as well as that the data is in the correct format. It sounds like they reported the data without even taking the time to prepare it for reporting.

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