Obama bows down in Japan

APTOPIX Japan Obama Asia

What do you think of when you see this picture? For some reason what came to mind for me is how a dog acts when he wants his head to be petted because he is a “good dog.” While this might sound horrible to say about a president, when I begin to think about Alpha Dog behavior, it says so much to me. Dogs see their masters as the Alpha Dog, thus they will always bow down to us because of that. By bowing down to heads of state, Obamacorn is showing that he sees them as the Alpha Dog, or as superior to him. He is showing a sign of weakness. Another sign of weakness that dogs do is when they show their belly. If they feel safe, they will show their belly, but they also show their belly when attacked as a way to stop the attack…letting the attacker win. So, we are seeing Obamacorn show the world that we are no longer the Alpha Dog by his bowing down and soon by showing “our belly” in Afghanistan.

On another note, since he is bowing down to all these other countries, it would be nice if he would bow down to We the people, since he was elected by us to represent us. This would show us that he realizes he serves at our pleasure not his.

Updated: The bow has nothing to do with the military strength of Japan…the US has had bases there to provide security to them as part of the Treaty to end WWII.


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