Obama ACORN one and the same

After reading this post on this Anita Moncrief’s blog, I decided that by this one paragraph, that Obamacorn has changed the USA to mean the United States of ACORN.

He has welcomed ACORN into the White House, and as she says is running the country the way ACORN runs their offices. WE ARE NOT ACORN! WE HAVE TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! OBAMA MAY TRY TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY, BUT HE WON’T SUCCEED BECAUSE OUR FREEDOM IS WHAT HOLDS US TOGETHER!

Of course, Obama has admitted to limited ties with ACORN. But Americans have witnessed Obama run the country like one big ACORN office and trying to implement ACORN’s radical agenda. Apparently being a community organizer is something that – like ACORN – is hard for Obama to shake. In 2001, a group of ACORN protesters broke up a community tenant meeting by shouting the words, “Yes, We Can.” Eight years later, ACORN man Obama rode to victory using the same slogan of those angry protesters.

We are winning the fight against ACORN, we just have to keep it up. They tried to change their name, but can you remember what they changed it to? It used words to create the cute COI, also shown as COIN. I always thought it was interesting that if they had chosen to use the word National instead of International, they would have been CON, which says so much.


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