Man punches out a woman, but it isn’t a hate crime? Oh, Bros before Hos, got it.

It has bothered me for years that laws regarding hate crimes seem to forget women as possible victims of hate crimes. Especially when you consider that rape should be considered the definition of a hate crime as is violence toward women. So, should we not be surprised that when a woman is battered by a colleague because they have differing views, it is not considered a hate crime. Just because women are not considered victims of hate crimes, doesn’t mean that they can’t be victims of hate crime. Because we all know that in the new world created by Obamacorn it is all about Bros before Hos. Via Afrocity

Police refuse to charge Columbia professor with hate crime after alleged attack on co-worker

November 11, 2009
By Dave Gibson

On Monday, New York City police arrested Lionel McIntyre, 59, an architecture professor at Columbia University, for punching a woman in the face, and slapping another man. The alleged attack took place the previous Friday night at Toast bar in Harlem. The woman, Camille Davis, who also works at Columbia University was left with a heavily bruised face, after taking what witnesses described as a closed-fisted punch in the face from McIntyre.Bar employee Richie Velez told the New York Post: “The punch was so loud, the kitchen workers in the back heard it over all the noise. I was on my way over when he punched Camille and she fell on top of me.”Waiter, Rob Dalton said: “It was a real sucker punch. Camille’s a great lady, always nice to everybody, and doesn’t deserve anything like this.”McIntyre, who is black was having an angry discussion about racial issues and in particular about so-called “white privilege,” with both of his alleged victims, who are white.

The man who McIntyre allegedly attacked, only wishes to be identified by his first name, Shannon, told the Post: “He knocked the glasses right off my face. The punch came out of nowhere. Mac was talking to us about white privilege and what I was doing about it — apparently I wasn’t doing enough.”

McIntyre reportedly had an argument with Davis a few weeks earlier over race. He has been charged with assault and was released without bail.

McIntyre told the Post that it was “a very unfortunate event.”

Yes, women we have stepped back into the age when “we just asked for it” was an acceptable excuse for any violence toward women. It is sad that a learned man like McIntyre didn’t learn two things as a child. One is that you don’t pick on someone who is smaller than you and the other is that you don’t hit girls.


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