Obama’s says he is concerned but not enough to listen to his advisers

Remember when First Lady Photo Opbama said that her focus was going to be on military families. She made a visit to Fort Bragg to tell the military families how much she supported them and that they would be one of her high priorities as First Lady. Hmmm, haven’t heard her do anything special for them since that visit back in March. What a great photo op it was for her to show concern for our military and their families who make sacrifices for us. First Lady Photo Opbama’s visit to Fort Bragg.

Then, recently, in October President Photo Opbama made a trip to Dover to be seen showing concern regarding the sacrifices that the troops are making for our country. Of course, he didn’t forget to have the cameras ready to take pictures of him showing his concern. Hot Air has an interesting blog about how the language changed in the press regarding this photo op visit to Dover. Hot Air

Now, he did go to the memorial service at Fort Hood, where of course there were plenty of cameras, but he did not go immediately after the terrorist attack to show support to the military. Of course, he was too busy spending the weekend at Camp David. Say what you will about President Bush, but he and the First Lady Bush made a private visit without cameras to spend time with the families. He did what he believed he should do without thinking of how it would play out on television or the press. From American Thinker

I bring all this up because since August, Photo Opbama has been sitting on war options in Afghanistan rather than making a decision. This decision is actually pretty simple to make because he has been told by his advisers the best decision to make. But, it might not sit well with some of his supporters and it could hurt his poll numbers so he votes “present.” But, during the time when he wasn’t making a decision, he wanted to make sure that his supporters that support the military know he does support the military. So, he made sure that he was seen showing concern.

Unfortunately, he has made a decision. The decision is to not follow the advice of his advisers. You know, those who are experts in national security. He has rejected their war options meaning no more troops to support the troops making sacrifices for us in Afghanistan. I might agree with what he is saying now except for the fact that over a year ago, he made it clear that he wanted to finish the war in Afghanistan immediately. He has taken months to decide that now he doesn’t think he should. Yep, he is voting present once again and leaving the military to clean up after him.

From Yahoo…who doesn’t include the other messages it is sending to our enemies and to those of us who know that he is trying to figure out how not to have a victory in Afghanistan (because it wouldn’t be fair to others if we won.)


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