Veterans protect our freedom and our economy

Today on Veteran’s Day, we remember the sacrifice so many have made for our country to keep us free. I am also remembering their families on this day because so many times their sacrifices are forgotten. But, what I am reminded of as well is that they have kept our economy secure as well. They have kept us safe from domestic upheavals and foreign attack, which has kept our financial institutions safe. Remember when there was talk that the reason Wall Street was attacked on 9/11 was as a way to destroy the stock market?

So many other countries invest in this country and invest in the stock market because they know it is stable. What comes to mind when I think of other countries and our economy is how much money (our tax dollars) are sent to support these other countries. I was shocked when I learned that USAID gives tons of money to nonprofits that filter it to other countries with little financial overseeing of the money. But, it comes back to that these and other countries have our military to thank for all their countries’ financial well being.

So, it is sad to me that so many don’t think highly (President and First Lady Photo Opbama to name a couple) of the military and their sacrifices or the financial stability of this country. They think that we need to level the playing field so that all countries are equal. As he went on his 2009 apology tour, he downplayed the importance of our country’s economy on the world. I wonder if this is why other countries are not that impressed with him. Do they understand that their own country will fall if the USA economy continues to fail? Do they appreciate our military more than most of our leaders do?

Remember this article when Putin warns Obama about his tax plans? Here is a post that Stepping Right Up did on the article that was in the Moscow Times.

The World Bank warns the US unemployment threatens our economy. Could World Bank President Robert Zoellick be worried what the US economy problems will do the world? Check out this article from


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    Nan, Great blog! This is such a cool thing you are doing. Keep up good work!

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