Jim Cooper voted Yea for Health Care

Thank you Jim Cooper for voting for the Healthcare Bill monstrosity. Thank you for letting us know that you stand for the democrat party rather than those who voted for you. You have voted for something that will heart all those who voted for you and those who did not. It is interesting to me that the biggest problem in the field of health care is the need for tort reform. Have you heard about the doctors who stop practicing because they cannot afford malpractice insurance…yet have not had a suit filed against them but the still pay huge amounts for malpractice insurance so that they can serve those who need care. What happens when they stop practicing in areas where they are the only doctor…the people lose out.

So, thank you for letting us know where you stand and how much you support Middle Tennessee. Please now come out and tell everyone that you are not a blue dog democrat but a liberal democrat who knows he would not get elected if your district had a strong enough republican party to run someone against you. Also, what did Nancy Pelosi promise you in return for your vote.


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