Obama takes a step toward transparency in the White House

Here is another first for Obamacorn. It is the first time he is being transparent when it comes to something going on during his presidency. No, it is not posting a bill online so everyone can read it as he promised. He is releasing the records of who were the first visitors to the White House after he became president. On top of that, he has promised (see above about his ability to keep promises) to begin to release this information on a regular basis.

From Yahoo News

Celebrities George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey and prominent lobbyists, corporate executives and Democratic fundraisers were among the first to score visits with President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle or top aides at the White House, newly released records show…..The list also includes some names that would draw attention at first glance: Michael Jordan, Michael Moore, William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. The White House was quick to note that the visitors were not actually the basketball star, the documentary filmmaker or the controversial activist and preacher — just people who share their names.

So, I wonder what those men who share the names of William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright do for a living so that they were close enough to someone in the White House to get an invite into the White House. As a reminder to all, there is a term for those who advice the President and are not part of the Cabinet (or a czar) – it is the kitchen cabinet.


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