My thoughts on socialism

This afternoon I saw a bumper sticker about socialism. It got me to thinking about socialism and this country. Have you noticed that those who seem to want to bring socialism to this country are wealthy? What benefit would they receive from bring on socialism to the country?

I remember the first time I heard about socialism was when I was 10 years old. It was in a small village in Central Italy. There was a flag on an apartment for a socialist party. My father explained to me that in Europe there were multiple political parties and that many may be represented in politics. This was also a time when I learned about World War II. It began a fascination with post WWI and WWII European history and the politics of those times.

I think about this as I reflect on the bumper sticker. It said something about socialism from the bottom up. I begin to wonder, why we don’t hear from those who are told that they will prosper from socialism? Why is it that those who are very wealthy, and it seems those who would not prosper are pushing for socialism? What do they have to gain from bringing socialist ideas to this country?

Of course, this reminds me of the end of the novel, Animal Farm. Some pigs are more equal than other pigs. While everyone toils for so called socialism equality, what do those who are in political power positions have to gain. This is the question we need to ask and get answered by them.

So, Nancy, Harry and Barack, what do you have to gain from what you are shoving down our throats? What personal gains will be made by you if we have public option health care, nationalization of banks, car industry, private sector jobs? You are not doing it for this country, because you are all about personal gains, so what is your personal gain? Is it to ensure that you are more equal than those who employ you, the citizens of this country?

Remember Obama, when you said health care is not about you, because you and every member of Congress has really good health care. In fact, it is the same health care that you promised last year on the campaign trail. Of course, now, you want us to have the public option while it isn’t good enough for you or every member of Congress.


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