Democrats aren’t learning from others mistakes in healthcare

After writing speeches for Edwards, Clinton, Kerry, and Obama she moved to Massachusetts and learned what Universal Healthcare is really like. Of course, they won’t look north to Massachusetts or west to California to learn from their mistakes. They want to embrace those mistakes and force us to live with those mistakes. A true leader will make mistakes, but they learn from those mistakes. It is sad that we don’t have leaders in DC.

From Politics Daily

If Congress and the president want to fix health care, then it is time to start over. They need to look at what’s worked and what has failed in Massachusetts. They are going to have to actually take former Gov. Sarah Palin’s advice and “look north to the future.” Who knew that would ever make sense? But if we continue on this current path without looking, it’s easy to diagnose what’s coming to the country when a health care bill passes.

A mess.


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