Barney Frank has unfriended ACORN

ACORN better worry even Barney Frank is running from them. I had forgotten about this post I wrote a while ago about how Barney Frank is ensuring that ACORN gets funding. Wow, how things have changed since May. Barney Frank at work making sure ACORN gets money

Here is an article on Politico that Frank turns against ACORN. With friends like Barney….

But Frank reserves his harshest criticism for ACORN, a group he’s long defended.

“I have previously communicated to ACORN my dissatisfaction with their lax supervision of employees and volunteers. The fact that people who were improperly registered to vote did not actually cast ballots in no way excuses the organization’s failure to exercise better control in this way. Further, the motivation of those who went to ACORN offices and initiated the discussions involving prostitution are wholly irrelevant to the fact that ACORN’s employees’ actions were outrageous and further indication of an organization that is at best poorly run in many regards. The defense against sting operations is not to ban them, but to behave properly so that they do not reveal as they did in this case clear evidence of gross impropriety.”

My question is that a lot of this happened prior to May, what changed and would this have changed if Hannah and James hadn’t shown what ACORN is really about? I doubt it.


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