ACORN lawsuit – are they trying to show they are innocent?

Do they realize that they have been shown to break the law on the tape? Are they trying to file a suit so that it can’t be used against them with any charges that may be brought against them?

It is one thing to threaten a lawsuit in order to get someone to stop their actions. But, when you decide to file a lawsuit, you better be ready to defend yourself, because you end up being trial just as much as the person you are suing. Oh, and after they have taken on ACORN across the country, do you really think that this little lawsuit scares them. I am sure they are saying bring it on. Oh, and don’t forget countersuits… What a way to draw more attention to them and their video tapes, which there are a lot more. Wonder when we will see the next one…I’m waiting for Manhattan, Bronx, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia…you know any city that ObamAcorn won. I do wonder if ACORN is doing this to find out what other tapes are out there…using one state’s laws to find out what has happened in other states. Isn’t it interesting that ACORN has no problem breaking laws that involve children, but will use the laws to defend themselves? What scum!

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One thought on “ACORN lawsuit – are they trying to show they are innocent?

  1. Lo says:

    I wonder where that crooked ACORN will be getting its money to file any lawsuit. They need to be wiped off the face of the earth and each oneof them should be held accountable for their fraudulent voting and corruption. They are all gotten by with “bloody murder” for way too long.

    Thanks to Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe for doing the job that our Government failed so miserably to do. There are a voluminous amount of questions as to what our government has done for this wicked ACORN and why they have not allowed anyone to have access to their financial records for review. Shame on you Congress – now do your damn job!!!

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