My Hero – Joe Wilson

It says a lot about the Democrats that they are finding fault with a man who spoke the truth. Before you think about arguing the point, even the placeholder has said that Wilson was correct about illegals being covered in the HC bill.

From Yahoo
Lawmaker’s ‘You lie’ outburst draws House rebuke


2 thoughts on “My Hero – Joe Wilson

  1. pobept says:

    Think I will goto my local ACORN office and get registered in SC so I can vote for Joe. Grin

  2. Liberty says:

    Hi garnette, I’m up late šŸ™‚ You probably won’t see this until Wed. You are right, the H.R. 744 says a lot more about the ones that voted for this. They didn’t bat an eyelash when Pete Stark did the same thing. Well, just to say hello. I’ll try to visit more often. I must re-arrange my favorites. Can’t find anything! LOL Talk to you later.

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