Yep, it is a game changer all right

Yep, I think this is going to be a game changer but not in the way that Rep Ben Nelson thinks. It may unify the Democrats, but they are unifying away from the people who elected them. Think about it for a minute, the headline of this story takes away from the placeholder. Instead, the focus in on what was being said that caused Wilson to yell out You Lie. It is about covering illegal aliens. I guess the democrats have forgotten that polls last year had a huge majority showing that they did not want to allow amnesty to illegal aliens. This is focusing people on the bill rather than the speech that the placeholder gave last night. Yep, it is a game changer and if the Democrats are smart they will look homeward to see how rather than focus on what the beltway pundits tell them it is.

From Yahoo

Hey, DC – remember we elect you, you work for us, you serve at our pleasure!


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