New York Times misses the story on Van Jones

Oops, the NY Times, which is considered the newspaper that sets the tone for the stories other newspapers run has admitted that it was a step behind on the Van Jones story. Is this a crack in their unquestioning support for the placeholder? Are they beginning to realize why there was a race on a while back on whether the cost of a share of their stock or the Sunday paper was cheaper? Nah, the reason given is that the Washington bureau was short staffed over Labor Day weekend (since it is such a slow news time.) Gotta love the fact they still don’t get that they are in an ivory tower trying to sell their radical news stories to people that see right through them.

New York Times misses a big story.

The Times was, in fact, a beat behind on this story.

Why? One reason was that our Washington bureau was somewhat short-staffed during the height of the pre-Labor Day vacation period. This is not an excuse. Another is that despite being a so-called “czar,” Mr. Jones was not a high-ranking official. Nevertheless, we should have been paying closer attention.


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