Ted Kennedy, Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy

Isn’t playing six degrees of separation fun? Probably not when you are a Kennedy.

On Gateway Pundit, we are reminded the 3 degrees of separation from Obama to Sirhan Sirhan…you know the guy who killed Ted Kennedy’s brother. Isn’t it interesting that they seem to have forgotten that Obama’s close friend, Bill Ayers thought enough of what Sirhan Sirhan did to include him in the dedication to Prairie Fire. Isn’t it interesting that the Kennedy’s thought enough of Ted to ask Obama to do the eulogy. Isn’t it sad that all seem to have forgotten about Robert Kennedy and why and how he was murdered?

As a reminder here are some posts I did on Bill Ayers. But you can also find more by looking under Weather Underground or Bill Ayers tags.

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