Obama needs a vacation after his vacation – give me a break!

This article points out that the placeholder’s vacation in Martha’s Vineyard wasn’t enough and he needs to take another vacation next week to Camp David. A comment is made about all the vacations that Bush took during his presidency. One difference immediately comes to mind and that is that I don’t remember Bush saying that he was taking a news free vacation. I can’t recall another president ever using the word vacation when they left the White House to stay in other places. I am thinking about FDR and the Little White House, Carter going to Plains and I can’t even remember any other president ever going on “vacation.”

Does Obama think that being president means that you get vacations from work? Doesn’t he realize that he campaigned for the toughest job in the world? Doesn’t he realize he signed on for a 24/7 4 year job? Also, how many other “vacations” has he taken in the 6 months since he was sworn in? How many vacations have soldiers been able to take in the same amount of time?

He is lucky he has a job and is able to take vacations while the country crumbles around him. Or should I say as he fiddles Rome burns around him.


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