How many uninsured are there really?

So, I read this post at Pink Elephant Pundit and began to leave a comment that I realized made a better post.

I remember that 37 million number being thrown around in 1980s. So basically for about 15 years, the number stayed about the same with the number of uninsured and now has gone up by 8 million. What other factors could have caused the increase. Could a growing number of illegal aliens caused the increase? Could it just be that the percentage of uninsured has stayed the same but a larger population gives a bigger number that sounds good? My point is that no matter what is done there are always going to be a certain number of people who will not be insured. Let’s focus on those who really have trouble being insured and find alternatives for them. Because chances are they still won’t have the quality of care that they even have now under ObamaCare. No one is turned away from care, cities and counties have programs in place through their social services departments to provide care, drug companies will help with medicine, hospital systems have ways to help with prescriptions. In addition, guess who is paying the bills for all the ways the help is provided. We are through our insurance companies. When the hospital has to cover the charges for a patient that cannot pay, the money has to come from somewhere. The somewhere being to up the cost of charges for everyone. The problem is that government got involved and changed the relationship between providers and insurance companies and guess who got caught in the middle – we, the taxpayer.


One thought on “How many uninsured are there really?

  1. Here are a couple of additional numbers for you:

    47 states have mandatory auto insurance laws — roughly 15% of drivers are uninsured motorists – the insurance industry anticipates this and those of us who are insured pay, as part of our premium, uninsured motorist coverage

    Massachusetts with its mandatory health insurance law currently estimates that it has 3% uninsured

    If the population of the US is roughly 300 million that means between 9 million and 45 million will remain uninsured under a mandatory health insurance law

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