Might as well use all our money to pay our insurances

Yesterday, the Washington Post had this article about health insurance. In the article they raise the question if you haven’t used your health insurance how do you know you like it. As part of this question, the idea is raised that until you really need to use your homeowner’s insurance, you don’t know if you like it. Based on the idea that until you need it, you don’t realize how much they will rip you off by denying you the actual cost of replacing items in your claim. It got me thinking of how many homeowners may not have homeowner’s insurance, how many renters do not have renter’s insurance. On top of that we are required to have auto insurance.

So, going on the idea that we won’t know if we like our health insurance until we really need it, thus we need government intervention to save ourselves from our own stupidity. Then, why doesn’t the government require all of us to have either homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. In order that we have the right plan, then we need to have a government plan to compete with the private companies. Seriously, the costs of repairing or replacing your home after a natural disaster is similar to many of the costs that they quote with health insurance. Same goes for auto insurance. We won’t know if we like it until we actually have to use it. So, since the government knows best, then they need to get into the auto insurance racket as well. Do we want to suggest that they start to provide life insurance for everyone as well? It is a benefit that many employers offer with health insurance benefits? So, if they are going to offer health insurance, then our tax dollars should go for life insurance as well.

Let’s get real. Why should we allow the government to use our money to decide what is best for us? They do not know what we want or would use in regards to homeowner’s insurance or health insurance. But, if we begin to allow them to control us in regards to health insurance, in all seriousness where is it going to end?


2 thoughts on “Might as well use all our money to pay our insurances

  1. Good points, if they require us to have health insurance — where does their right to dictate what must have/do in our private lives end?

    What is critically important is that Americans have an open debate on healthcare reform. No matter which side of the debate you are on, it is important that the debate happen. It is a hallmark of the American system – freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech.

    The name calling and various invectives diminishes the stature of the debate. This is what freedom is all about. This is what so many have lost their lives fighting for and defending!

    The debate on health care itself must resolve three critical issues:
    1) The right of the people to decide what form of health care delivery system they want;
    2)Understanding the real cost of what they are agreeing to — and that it isn’t a cost shift and a series of hidden taxes
    3)That access is provided to people who are willing to contribute to the system in whatever large or small way they can
    4)That there is serious thought put into how we maintain and improve the delivery of care.

    To follow the health care debate and the issues of the delivery system go to http://www.ilovebenefits.wordpress.com

  2. NeeNee says:

    Great post, Garnette! I’ve been thinking the exact same thing for several weeks now.

    Add up the dollar amount of ALL kinds of insurance you carry . . . life, health, car, house, nursing home.


    $2900 – life insurance
    $1500 – house & car insurance combined on 1 policy
    $1200 – nursing home insurance
    $3000 – business insurance
    $1200 – health insurance


    I should add, that we rarely collect on house or car. And I’ve never collected on my business policy. About all we ever use at this point is some health insurance payouts.

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